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12 Decor pieces you’ll regret not owning by the end of your 20s

You’re out of college and living on your own… or at least with only one roommate instead of four. It’s time to start making your home a home instead of a place you crash at between partying and classes. Here are 12 items you need in your house now that you’re around the corner from the big 3-0!

1. An unused couch


Photo credit: Pottery Barn

If you still have your Goodwill couch from college, it’s time to bid adieu and pass the grandma-upholstered beauty on to the next generation. You need a pretty sofa that’s free of bodily fluids, pizza delivery and foul smelling roommates. If you’re still in an apartment, choose something small and neutral like the PB Comfort Square slip-covered box-edged cushion sofa which will last you from your single years to mommyhood. (Pottery Barn, $999-3,099)

2. A real kitchen table


Photo credit: Ashley Furniture

Now that you’re no longer eating dinner out of a takeout box, you probably need something better than that coffee table or card table you’re used to. A real, decent kitchen table will allow you to start hosting dinner parties and make you feel like a true-blue grownup. The Hyland dining room table with four chairs is a perfect starter set. (Ashley Furniture, price depends on location)

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3. An entertainment center

Media center

Photo credit: Living Spaces

OK, so we know an entertainment center is a bit pricey for a lady just starting out in the working world, but the point is, it’s time to say adios to your cheap TV stand. If not an entertainment unit, invest in a solid media center like this rustic console that will look both classy and sophisticated in your grown-up pad. (Living Spaces, $395)

4. A real desk


Photo credit: Crate & Barrel

Chances are you’re still typing away at your laptop on your bed or your couch. It’s time to nix that nasty habit that is both bad for your posture and back and use a real desk. Start creating the office you both dream of and need with this Greydon desk, which is both multifunctional and stylish. (Crate & Barrel, $799)

5. A feminine upholstered chair


Photo credit: World Market

With that new desk of yours, you’ll need a pretty little chair to set your tush upon. We suggest going for something a bit more feminine, so that way you’ll always be able to stake your claim to it once you have to share your things with your hubby. The fuchsia Nina Chair will go great with a desk, vanity or in the corner of your bedroom. (World Market, $300)

6. A decent bed


Photo credit: IKEA

No, it is not OK for your bed to be on the ground. Now that you’re a grown woman, having grown relations, you’re in need of a bed that you can be proud to take any man home to. It doesn’t have to be expensive — something such as the Ikea HEMNES bed is beyond fitting and affordable for any age. (Ikea, $179)

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7. Bedding that fits your style


Photo credit: Anthropologie

If you haven’t noticed, you don’t live in the dorms anymore. So why do you still have the bed in the bag your mama bought you? Save some cash and splurge on some soft bedding that fits your personality to a tee. The Georgina duvet is every girl’s dream set and something you can have on your marriage bed. (Anthropologie, $328-398)

8. A set of curtains


Photo credit: Kohl’s

Sure, blinds will keep the sun and prying eyes away, but will they look pretty? I think not. A nice set of curtains will turn any house into your very own cozy home. (Kohl’s, $45)

9. A gorgeous mirror


Photo credit: Z Gallerie

A mirror is a home decor staple that every woman needs in her house and is a simple way to add pizzazz to your space. Choose something simple, yet gorgeous, like the Bergmann mirror, which is sleek and stylish in antique silver and will look amazing no matter what age you are looking into it. (Z Gallerie, $75)

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10. A timeless rug


Photo credit: Target

No matter where you live or who you live with, you’re going to need a rug. Find a rug that is not only neutral, but timeless. A gray, beige or white hue is always a safe bet when it comes to finding the area rug that will look good anywhere. (Target, $59-195)

11. A matching dish set


Photo credit: Pier 1

Like everything else on this list, it’s time to part ways with whatever dishes you ate off of in college (yes, that includes your favorite plastic dining ware) and replace it with an actual set. The set doesn’t have to be pricey — it just has to match. And although teal, yellow and other hues are super cute, resist the urge and buy a neutral set similar to this gray-glazed Martillo dinnerware set. (Pier 1, $5-7)

12. A decor pillow… or two


Photo credit: West Elm

If there’s one thing every girl needs, it’s a cute decor pillow. A great way to add personalization, you can choose any pretty, simple, cool, funky or cute pillow you want to make your boring pad into a cozy home. We love this crazy, cool Mongolian Lamb pillow cover which is the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, just like your late 20s. (West Elm, $169)

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