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33 Perfect reasons to follow the San Diego Zoo on Instagram

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best, most lauded zoos in the entire world. The secret, though, the thing no one tells you, is that their Instagram account is just as spectacular. Here are 33 reasons you need to start following the San Diego Zoo Instagram account ASAP.

1. Aisha the baby orangutan

2. Really, though

3. So many panda pictures

4. So, so many

5. Birthday party level of panda pictures

6. Sloths!

7. Giraffe closeups!

8. Tortoises eating watermelon! (Enough with the exclamation points already, we’ve got it)

9. Pumbaa! (All right, now we’ve got it)

10. This wee cheetah

11. This important animal topiary

12. Trivia, like what

13. The Fresh Prince in bird form

14. The Great Peacock Giraffe

15. The occasional, on point meme

16. Underwater polar bear shenanigans

17. Relaxing roos

18. Koala mamas

19. Videos that help you determine your spirit animal

20. Facial expressions like this

21. And this

22. And this

23. Elephant dirt baths

24. Seasonally appropriate shots

25. Hump day photos

26. Animal love photos

27. No explanation necessary photos

28. Unknown species

29. More unknown species

30. Rhinos prancing

31. Zebras smiling

32. Eyes glaring

33. Happiness

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