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Last-minute Thanksgiving place card holders in 3 easy steps

Add a touch of glam to your Thanksgiving table this year with this easy and budget-friendly project you can complete in no time.

In just 3 easy steps, create gorgeous gilded gourd place card holders to dress up any Thanksgiving table. Whether your table is modern, rustic, eclectic or traditional, you can’t go wrong with this bright and fun project.

Gold isn’t your color? Pick another metallic or bold hue to accent your table. Use a handful of natural gourds from your local grocery store (keep in mind these will last only a few days), or pick up foam or plastic gourds from your local craft store if you prefer to reuse these again next year.


gold gourds placeholders: Supplies

  • Gourds
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Sharp knife
  • Place cards with names


Step 1.

gold gourds placeholders: Step 1

Start by spraying your gourds with an even coat of gold metallic spray paint. You will likely have to spray 1 coat on the tops first, let dry and then flip them over to spray the other sides, fronts or backs.

Step 2.

gold gourds placeholders: Step 2

Let the gourds dry for about 30 minutes or per instructions on the bottle of spray paint. Apply an extra coat of paint as needed.

Step 3.

gold gourds placeholders: Step 3

Lastly, using a sharp knife, slice a slit into the top of the gourd where you will insert your place card. Make sure your gourd is resting as evenly as possible before determining where you will slice so that your card is at the “top part” of the gourd, wherever that happens to be. Cut down at least 1/2 inch deep, and wedge out a small bit of the gourd if needed to slide in your place card.

gold gourds placeholders:

Add a place card to each of your gourds. If you are using real gourds, then the insides will likely be moist, so keep in mind that when sliding in the card, you want to try to get it in the right place the first time around, as it may get soft or rip if you try to maneuver it too much. This would be a good reason to go with plastic gourds if you prefer them.

gold gourds placeholders: Step

Place a gourd and place card at each place setting to label the settings for your guests, and finish off your Thanksgiving table.

gold gourds placeholders:

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