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Holiday stress? These pets show you how to multitask like a boss

Always late or flipping out because you can’t pack a week’s worth of to-dos into a day? Take heart and take a look at your pets! They know how to make the most of every single day.

Get up and boldly face the day because laying in bed isn’t getting your to-do list done.

Fit exercise into your day by doing what you love (if you like to jump for toys, then just do it already!).

Delegate chores to other pack mates in your household. You don’t have to do it all, woman!

Always hug and kiss your hubby before you two start your day because affection in the morning will keep you going strong for the evening love to come.

Get organized (baby steps are OK) because clutter doesn’t help you get things done nor can you hide in it.

Don’t let the computer become a time-suck. Step away from the Pinterest board.

Check the weather before you head out so you don’t waste time later changing out of your wet clothes.

Be a team player and you’ll have more time to play and less time spent on whining or fighting.

Schedule a spa day as a reward for completing that to-do list (a massage is always good motivation to get your projects done).

If everything else fails, find the sense of humor in it all.

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