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13 Ingenious ways to turn old clothes into home decor

Recycle your old clothes into lovely home accessories. From lamp shades, to throw pillows and rugs, here’s a list of creative ways to create something new out of your old clothes.


Throw pillows are a must in any home. They are a simple and inexpensive way to add some color and texture to your space.

Photo by Uncommon Designs Online

Immortalize your favorite worn out T-shirt by converting it into a comfy throw pillow.

Photo by Real Inspired

Plaid anyone? Turn your husband’s old button up into a stylin’ throw pillow.

Photo by The Wonder Forest

Got an old sweater with holes? No worries — turn it into a snuggly pillow for the sofa.


Throw rugs add warmth to a room. Even the little ones can be expensive. Look to your closet for the materials to create your own.

Photo by Hannah in the House

This rug is made from soft, worn old T-shirts in neutral gray and woven with a hula hoop. The edges were finished with a simple crocheted edge.

Photo by My Poppet

For a larger and thicker area rug, use several old T-shirts and braid them together before sewing them together to create this colorful masterpiece.

Photo by Purple Patch DIY

Don’t be afraid to mix materials to create a new rug. This one was created by braiding strands of T-shirts and old jeans into rope and then sewing them together. This little pooch seems to like it just fine.

Lamp shades

Have an old lamp shade than needs spicing up? No need to head to the store to purchase a new shade. Check in your closet first.

Photo by Thrifty and Chic

So you hung onto that cute camisole thinking someday it might fit again. Oh well, don’t wait any longer; cover your old lamp shade with it instead. Look how elegant the lamp looks with a little lace.

Photo by Unskinny Boppy

You know that label in your 100 percent cashmere sweater that says “dry clean only?” Well, if you have ever accidentally tossed it into the wash, you found out the hard way. But don’t sweat it. You might not be able to wear it again, but look how cute it can look as a lamp shade cover.

Pet beds

Since your pets are going to lounge in their beds, you might as well make sure they are cute.

Photo by The Empress of Dirt

A cozy navy blue argyle sweater gets a new life as a cushy bed for the bunny.

Photo by Handi Mania

Recycle that old, beat up sweatshirt into a comfortable bed for Fido.

Other accessories

There are many other home accessories you can create with old clothes.

Photo by The Red Thread Blog

Make fabric yarn from your old clothes and crochet some baskets.

Photo by Thistlewood Farms

Transform a boring tabletop with old belts.

Photo by Between the lines

Make a stylish lunch bag with a pant leg from a worn pair of jeans.

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