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A Thanksgiving ‘Recovery Bucket’ that will get you invited back next year

While Buzzfeed’s “Thanksgiving In A Bucket” is a clever idea, let’s be honest, what people really need is a Thanksgiving recovery bucket.

Thanksgiving preparations are a lot of work. Taking time to put together some essentials for after the feast will help you recover from festivities faster. Christmas shopping is up next, so you’ll need to hit the ground running ASAP.


As a seasoned Thanksgiving dinner hostess, I have put together a few things that will help you survive the aftermath of entertaining and overeating. These are merely suggestions; feel free to substitute with your favorites.

  • Antacids, fiber and tummy-soothing teas
  • Chocolate
  • Pain reliever
  • Stretchy pants
  • Cozy slippers
  • Sleep mask and ear plugs
  • Energy drinks and wine

1. Get a big, plastic bucket.

We are going to layer in the survival goods by greatest and immediate needs from bottom to top.


Lay the wine and energy drinks at the bottom of the bucket. You will most likely need this at the end of the evening. I’d go with the wine in a mini box (it holds the equalviant of 3 glasses of wine). No glasses needed. Drink that puppy straight from the box; a straw is optional. Reserve the energy drinks if you plan to do some midnight Black Friday shopping or need something to wash down your turkey day leftovers.


Next, add your favorite holiday movie. I suggest you go with mind-numbing funny. If you prefer a sappy, serious movie instead, go for it. I need absolute ridiculousness after I have stuffed myself to the point of popping like a tick. Plus, all the laughing will help you burn calories.


I know you are going to eat enough food to survive until Christmas, but believe me, there is always room for chocolate. Go ahead and treat yourself to the good stuff. You’ll need something to munch on while you watch your movie.


The copious amounts of rich foods you will be consuming at Thanksgiving dinner is going to wreak havoc on your digestive tract. Being forearmed is forewarned. Make sure you have an array of antacids, tummy-soothing teas and fiber. Trust me on this one. After all that food your umm… regularity is going to be out of whack. Don’t forget the pain relievers; someone is inevitably going to cause you a headache.


Lastly, add a pair of cozy slippers, sleep mask, ear plugs, and top it all off with a pair of stretchy pants. This layer is the most important. After slaving in the kitchen to prepare a fabulous Thanksgiving meal, your stretchy pants and slippers are going to be like a warm (but not so tight) hug on a cold day. If you have extra guests staying for a few days, you’ll be glad you thought to grab some earplugs.

Add a cute piece of fabric on top and secure with a ribbon. Keep your recovery bucket for yourself or better yet, give it to a deserving hostess for Thanksgiving!

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