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12 Homeowners with extremely bad luck (PHOTOS)

Ever heard of the phrase “right time, right place?” Well, these houses are the exact opposite of that. Not only were they in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they’ve got the damage to prove it.

Unsure whether we should attribute this home’s tilting to bad luck or just bad planning. Most homeowners should know better than to build their dream beach house so close to the coast. #hurricanezone

Looks like this Audi will be hibernating with the bears for the winter… or at least until this massive amount of snow melts from the driveway. #norustallowed

They’re going to need more than manpower to move this tree! Even the fire department can’t help but gawk at this homeowner’s bad luck. #treehouse

The snow seemed to prove a bit too heavy for this wooden deck to withhold. Maybe the owners should just shovel the railing off with the snow. #snowshovelingproblems

Good thing gazebos are meant for summer use only. Hopefully the materials are weather resistant in the winter as well. #toochillyforthegazebo

Raging flood waters have left this homeowner with no way in or out of his driveway. Wonder how he’ll be able to coordinate with the contractor for repairs? #parked

The exact reason why houses need yard space. One landslide and you’ll have a major pileup on your hands. #spillonstreet5

Out of all of the open space in the valley, the storm chose this house to park itself over. #itaintgoingnowhere

It’s apparent where the tree branches went, but the real question is, where’s the trunk? #hopefullynotinthehouse

If no one’s around to hear it, does a tree make noise when it falls on a house? #ithinkso

Wonder if the homeowner of this house gets seasickness when walking from one side to the other? #topsyturvy

Caption states “only one remaining house.” Would you call the homeowner lucky or unlucky? #alittlebitofboth

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