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10 Tips on friendship from very unlikely sources

If you want to know what it really means to be a good friend, look no further than what comes naturally to our furry friends. Our pets teach us the best life lessons on friendship. Here’s how.

1. You’ve just got to accept the differences — even if they are a different species.

2. Sometimes the best thing to give your friend is some space.

3. Sharing is caring — even when it comes to your favorite foods.

4. Always, always be ready to give your friends a hug.

5. Be trustworthy so your friends trust you with their secrets.

6. Be ever ready to put your friend in a choke hold to keep her from making a dumb mistake.

7. Help your friend get over a heartbreak by going on a vacay.

8. Never be afraid to tell your friends that their outfit stinks before they leave the house.

9. Monthly spa dates are important for bonding and beautifying.

10. A true friend will always protect her friends who need it.

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