Elegant Frozen-inspired icicle jewelry for winter

Embrace the cold with these icy jewels for a sparkle that is radiant and cool.

There’s always a possibility that onlookers will mistake you for the real Winter Wonderland. With these gems, they’re hardly to blame, right?

1. Crystal back halo

Crystal back halo

Dare to dazzle your hairstyle this season? Drape these crystal gemstones over the back of your stick-straight hair or your updo for a look that’s mysterious and subtly icy. (Free People, $68)

2. Icicle drop earrings

Icicle drop earrings

If your budget is in need of a break, have no fear. These Austrian crystal icicle earrings shine like diamonds, but at a price point any ice queen can afford. (Amazon, $13)

3. Rough aquamarine bracelet

Rough aquamarine bracelet

With the right cut, aquamarine can look like it was chipped off of an icy wall. This rough aquamarine bracelet certainly delivers the rugged appeal of a glacier. (Tibet Shining, $375)

4. Crackle glass cabochon ring

Crackle glass cabochon ring

The surface of this glass ring crackles and pops, as if you were walking across a dangerously frozen lake. We love it for a cold weather cocktail ring, whether it’s a casual or formal occasion. (Etsy, $65)

5. Glass icicle necklace

Glass icicle necklace

Seven hand blown glass dangles comprise this stunning icicle necklace. We love that it channels the sparkle of winter without taking itself too seriously. (KarmaKulture, $125)

6. Crystal dangle earrings

Crystal dangle earrings

Imagine ice covering the few remaining leaves on the trees outside, and you’ll get something that looks like these exquisite earrings. They can stand alone, or you can pair with Swarovski’s matching necklace. (Swarovski, $150)

7. Floral crystal statement ring

Floral crystal statement ring

Place a sparkling masterpiece on your hand, and wait for the compliments to roll in. This statement ring looks just like a lily after the first frost of winter. (AeraVida, $19)

8. Blue topaz cuff bracelet

Blue topaz cuff bracelet

Who says only diamonds can shine? This blue topaz cuff bracelet is stunning with engraved silver and a brilliant solitaire. (Ice, $83)

9. Bohemian ear cuffs

Bohemian ear cuffs

These boho ear cuffs nail the trend on the head — they are both bold and delicate, featuring a tiny key and giant crystals. How romantic. (Etsy, $42)

10. Ice crystal necklace

Ice crystal necklace

An ice queen knows that icicles are edgy and sharp — just like this brilliant statement necklace that blends dark and light, metal and ice. (David Galan, $449)

Which pieces will you dare to wear when the weather turns frigid?

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