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10 Pinterest-inspired Christmas crafts you need in your life

I am a sucker for Pinterest on any holiday, but I never deliver. I pin beautiful, whimsical Christmas dioramas that make me feel like a supermom, and then I promptly suffer from Pinterest amnesia. The thing about Pinterest is that most pins are downright unrealistic.

There are Pinterest fail blogs for a reason, but most of us moms just keep right on trying. I won’t blame you for your holiday spirit that you channel into an insurmountable craft project. I’m just here as a Christmas angel to warn you that your Pinterest aspirations probably aren’t going to happen. Or at least, they probably won’t turn out as beautifully as they are when photographed in soft lighting on a DIY craft blog.

The true holiday spirit is all about adjusting your expectations. If you glue a few baubles on a pinecone and hang it from your tree, I would call you crafty. If you braid a few red and green pipe cleaners together in the shape of a wreath and hang it from your door, I would salute you. Good job, Pinterest mom. You must be really good at Christmas.

But if you inevitably screw it all up, pour a glass of eggnog and cut yourself a break. Most importantly, do not try any of these pins at home.

1. Wee little doughnuts for elves

Image: The Unconfidential Cook

I dare you to stay up until 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve putting sprinkles on Cheerios.

2. Whimsical Christmas message in an ornament

Image: The Farmer’s Nest

Well, this looks beautifully complicated.

3. Reindeer hot chocolate cone

Image: Savvy Saving Couple

Aw… Now make 24 more for the whole class.

4. Printable holiday envelopes

Image: This Heart of Mine

Now fold and glue 60 more of these for your annual Christmas cards.

5. Snowy Christmas candle jar

Image: Shabby Art Boutique

In the words of every ’90s sitcom star, this looks incredibly easy. Not.

6. DIY log Santas

Image: Smart Girls DIY

Because everyone has a few perfectly cut logs lying around.

7. Adorable terra-cotta pot snowmen

Image: Craftown

I would call this easy if my toddler didn’t paint better than I do.

8. Rainbow loom nativity scene

Image: Amazon

Do it for the Lord.

9. Christmas silhouette ornaments

Image: Nest of Posies

Because getting your shifty child to stand perfectly still against a wall is always easy.

10. Santa salt dough ornaments

Image: The New England Kitchen

Let’s not pretend this is how your salt dough ornaments will really turn out.

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