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This mama gorilla kissing and cuddling her baby will make your heart grow

Few things in this world are more beautiful than a mother’s love — a fact made all the more evident in a string of stunning new pictures of a mother gorilla kissing, caressing and taking care of her baby.

Born last Tuesday at Taronga Zoo in Australia, the tiny male western lowland gorilla is clearly in good hands. Given the name Mjukuu, the baby boy can be seen cuddling up in the comforting arms of his mother, Mbeli.

Baby Gorilla

Photo credit: Lisa Ridley/Taronga Zoo/

And can we just say… awwww!

From feeding her pint-size charge to sharing what may just be the cutest animal kiss ever caught on camera, Mbeli clearly has a knack for motherhood (and for making us babble and coo incoherently at our computer screens due to an overload of cute).

Mother and baby gorilla

Photo credit: Lisa Ridley/Taronga Zoo/

But aside from the sheer preciousness of their sweet mother-and-son moments, Mbeli and Mjukuu are especially significant to the zoo’s conservation breeding program.

“Taronga supports gorillas in the wild through the ‘They’re Calling on You’ project to recycle mobile phones to help reduce illegal mining in gorilla habitats and to fund extra wildlife rangers to protect gorillas and other wildlife in Africa,” senior primate keeper Lou Grossfelt said.

Mother and Baby Gorilla

Photo credit: Lisa Ridley/Taronga Zoo/

“Mbeli was born here, so it’s great to see her back at Taronga and having babies herself where she grew up in a natural gorilla family group. She has seen firsthand how to care for an infant.”

Now that is what we call one sweet circle of life.

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