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Puppy taking on a pumpkin is the cutest thing you’ll see today (VIDEO)

As far as showdowns go, this is a pretty tame one. But as far as hearts go, ours are full after watching this puppy try and fail to figure out what the deal is with her nemesis — a pumpkin.


This Corgi is nothing if not persistent. First, she circles the pumpkin, bouncing around in an attempt to size up her opponent and suss out the situation. Then, she goes in for the kill, trying to find any part of the pumpkin she can get inside her mouth. But, when the pumpkin starts spinning, so does the puppy’s mind when she can no longer make contact with the pumpkin’s stalk.

Despite finally getting the pumpkin upright again, the puppy continues to be bested by the pumpkin’s rolling ability, and we continue to be bemused at how long we could actually continue to watch the puppy and the pumpkin go at it.

Final score: Pumpkin — 1, Corgi — 0. Where do we sign up to live stream the rematch?

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