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How to use the internet to do your holiday traditions

With the holidays fast approaching, chances are that you’re getting ready to embark on some of your favorite traditions. Is it time for a bit of an update, though? We found ways to take even the most basic holiday traditions and give them a techie-twist.


Finding time to hit a portrait studio can be too stressful. Here are ways to create memorable holiday pictures without ever leaving your home.

Recreate a meme

Or a bunch of memes! Next time you’re scrolling through the internet on your lunch break, try to think of ways you could have your family reenact a meme, with or without a holiday spin. Maybe have the family put on Santa hats while holding your cat, then capture its most tortured expression. All it takes is a camera timer and the right moment.

Do family Vines or Snapchats

Vines and Snapchats may not work for grandparents, but aunts and uncles will totally get a kick out of a 10-second loop of that giggling infant in a “Baby’s first Christmas” onesie.

Do a #TBT for each of your long-lost friends

The holidays are a time to reminisce and let your loved ones know you appreciate them. Instead of sending the same generic card to distance reaches of the globe, we’re going tech. We’ve found cute pics of us with our friends that are already on Facebook and shared them on walls with Christmas wishes in the comments. Or you could try pulling a photo from your phone’s library into a picture editing app, adding some festive stickers and texting it to the bestie. It’s way more personal, no?


Ugh! Is it too cold outside to truly enjoy caroling in your neighborhood? We feel you and we have some ways to make up for it.

Start rounds on Snapchat

Snapchat is an awesome way to start a caroling game. Sing the first 10 seconds of your favorite carol then send it to your friends. They’ll send back the next 10 seconds (and maybe even include a few new people) and it’s time for you to reply, again.


Need a way to bond with family from afar? We’re divvying up Christmas carols between each of the nuclear families within our extended family and having them make a YouTube video. It can be as silly or serious as you want. Then you can send them to each other and it’s almost like you’re together, again. Bonus: Sit your Mamaw down in front of your laptop and let her watch the playlist of all your family’s songs. Bring on the tears!

Secret Santas and gift-giving

Gift-giving is stressful sometimes. We don’t want it to be. But we get so caught up in finding the absolute perfect present for someone, we lose sight of how much they’ll just appreciate the effort. Add in the secret Santa element and it gets even worse.

Exchange gifts or crafts with some of your Pinterest sisters

No one knows what you like better that your Pinterest followers. No one. Why not set up a secret Santa with a group of them where each person scours another’s boards for a craft on their to-do list and does it for them? #You’reWelcome

Send a few gift cards via Facebook

Gift cards are impersonal, but there’s always someone who inevitably ends up getting one from us. The cool thing about sending them through Facebook is that you have way more options for the “look” of the virtual gift card. Plus, you say, “I get you so well, I know you’re more likely to check your Facebook alerts than your actual mailbox!”

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