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11 Bearded dogs that are totally rocking Movember

No Shave November, or Movember, may be celebrated to raise awareness of men’s health issues, but our pawed pals want to join in on the fun, too! We found a few of the most adorable dogs with mustaches and beards that will give the Movember men facial-hair envy.

1. I am SO winning the No Shave November game

Bearded Collies have all the fun when it comes to furry faces. Ludo the Puppy is showing other dogs how it’s done.

2. The Movember poster dog

The Miniature Schnauzer known as Wallis the Pooch gets canine kudos for his dignified mustache, serious expression and flying Superman pose.

3. Ever hear of a bearded Broodle Griffon?

Gizmo the Broodle Griffon — a designer dog cross between a Brussels Griffon and Poodle — is all for No Shave November and isn’t afraid to put on a bow tie to show it.

4. The German Wirehaired Pointer goes for the Duck Dynasty look

No one ever said having a beard would be a neat and tidy affair but it does make our men and dogs ruggedly handsome. Frank the Tank proudly looks like a Duck Dynasty star who’s been out in the pond water on the hunt.

5. May the furry force be with you!

Frankie the Shmeese is ready for the Star Wars (mini) Chewbacca audition.

6. The coolest of cool bearded dogs

This Brussels Griffon says, “If you’re going to grow the face fur, you’re going to need a new persona and outfit to go with it.”

7. Girl dogs get in on the No Shave November movement, too

Bella may be a female Shepherdoodle, but she can still naturally sport a beard this month.

8. When growing a mustache, grow your eyebrows, too!

Scottish Terriers have all the fun when it comes to growing canine face hair. This Scottie is taking Movember to the extreme.

9. Look! It’s Gandalf having a bad hair day!

Rex the Wizard is a Jack Russell who is going for The Hobbit old wet wizard look.

10. When Movember goes too far

Bullseye, another German Wirehaired Pointer, has taken the No Shave November to a messy new level.

11. Some dog breeds have it and some don’t

When it comes to facial fur, Schnauzers and German Wirehaired Pointers don’t even have to try to fit in the No Shave Club for Canines. However, some smooth-faced dog breeds get beard envy and fake it for the month.

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