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Shop your backyard to get these 10 incredible thanksgiving decorations

This Thanksgiving, instead of buying home and table decorations, make your own using only your backyard.


t Photo via Hometalker Sophia’s Live Beautifully

t Fall has so much natural beauty, from bright and vibrant leaves to rough, dark bare and fallen branches. In fact, fall is so beautiful that instead of breaking the bank for the perfect Thanksgiving decorations this season, use what nature has to offer to decorate your home! These 10 ideas will be all the Thanksgiving decoration you need, not to mention incredibly lovely and flat-out free.

t 1. Leaves in tablescape


t Green and Natural Tablescape via Hometalker Sophia @Sophia’s Life Beautifully

t Add leaves in reds, oranges, yellows and greens to your tablescape by letting them peek out from under dishes or by thoroughly cleaning them and then placing them rolled up in champagne flutes. Add labels to wide maple leaves to create unique and natural place cards.

t 2. Tree bark wrapped candles


t Birch Bark Candles via Hometalker Barbara Bamber @Just a Smidgen

t Find any flexible and pretty tree bark for this quick craft, which leaves you with a subtle yet magnificent way to display softly glowing candles on your mantel, porch, or tablescape. This is such a simple way to dress up luminaries, and you can do it with real candles, or with safe electric tea lights, depending on your piece of bark.

t 3. Branch detail place cards


t Thanksgiving Tablescape via Hometalker Becky @This Is Happiness

t For a cute and simple place card, tie a tag to a leafy twig with a tiny bow of twine. So simple, so elegant, this smart and green design is a great way to tie natural features into your Thanksgiving tablescape without going totally leafy.

t 4. Easy log vignette


t Easy Fall Vignette via Hometalker Marty @Marty’s Musings

t Using elements from around your home, and a few from outside of it, you can create the ultimate understated and adorable fall vignette, perfect for welcoming guests as they enter your home this holiday. Add a couple bowls or jars of natural details, like acorns and pinecones, and create a clean line, with a pretty log, carved to fit a few decorative tea lights.

t 5. Feathered banner


t Pinecone Feather Banner via Hometalker Meegan @What Meegan Makes

t If properly prepped and cleaned, feathers can also be beautiful natural bounty to decorate your Thanksgiving home. Add colorful and fluffy feathers to a Thanksgiving sign or banner, or collect a few in a jar to add to your mantel or tablescape.

t 6. Acorn tops


t Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece via Hometalker Maryann @Domestically Speaking

t Acorn tops give the illusion of small decorative stones or pebbles, and are great for the base of a tablescape centerpiece or to garnish a prettily decorated fall mantel.

t 7. Twig vase


t Painted Twig Vase via Hometalker All Things G&D @All Things G&D

t This design trick is so simple and is absolutely fool-proof! Simply ring the outside of an empty canister with short twigs and dip it in your favorite paint color, or the color that best fits your Thanksgiving scheme.

t 8. Pinecone wreath


t Free Pinecone Wreath via Hometalker Chris @Just a Girl

t If you have a wealth of pinecones in your yard, this wreath project is made for you! Because pinecones are so naturally beautiful, you don’t need to add any extra decorative details other than a bright sash to hang your creation on your front door.

t 9. Fall foliage branches mantel


t Simple Fall Arrangement via Hometalker Sarah @Home-ology Modern Vintage

t Bring the illusion of drifting fall foliage into your home, with a fall mantel that makes you ache for a cottage in the countryside. This project is easy and sweet; simply string fallen colorful leaves to wild, bare branches, to create your own whirling autumn forest, full of seasonal glamour and festive fun.

t 10. Silver Acorn Display


t Silver Acorn Decor via Hometalker Carrie @Lovely Etc.

t Just because you’re using nature, doesn’t mean you have to leave it as is. If you get the desire to decorate, go with your instincts, and add a coat of paint, a dash of glitter, or whatever your artistic soul urges.

t Want more? We’ve got tons! Just pop over to the Thanksgiving Decorations page on Hometalk, for some more great holiday decor ideas and tips.

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