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Could you live in this 86-square-foot apartment? (VIDEO)

If you never thought you’d hear the words “86 square feet” and “fully functioning living space” uttered in the same breath, you’re about to have your mind blown.


So many words come to mind when we watch this video of the “Swiss army knife” approach to design — innovative, resourceful, claustrophobic… You know you’re in trouble when the biggest room in your apartment is the bathroom.

We have to hand it to the company that designed this apartment, though. Who’d have thought you could fit a bed, a wardrobe, shelving, a table that seats two people, a fridge, a microwave and a removable cooktop all behind a very narrow wall? If the supersmall space and the melancholy music accompanying this video happen to depress you, just remember that there is a high lateral window in this apartment that brings light inside. No doubt, the person responsible for renting out this apartment is using that as a key selling point.

Imagine if there were a garage space that came with this apartment. We shudder to think about what that might look like.

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