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6 Reasons having a landline is an excellent idea

Cell phones have their perks, but we don’t think it’s really time to write off your landline just yet. They have some great qualities!

Your ear won’t get warm when your mother calls and wants to chat for four hours

Ever talked on your cell phone long enough that you need a pot holder to hold it next to your ear? With a landline, you can keep cool even when your mother gets you heated up.

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You’ll never stub your toe on a mad dash to find the phone

With landlines, you can add in up to five handsets with only one phone jack. That means there should (almost) always be a phone nearby!

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There’s a built-in escape plan

Remember all the times your mom embarrassed you by getting on the line when you were talking to your crush? Now your significant other can do that when you’re caught up with telemarketers. Now, to get his attention without the other person noticing…

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And the perfect excuse

Don’t want to talk to someone calling on your landline? You can ignore the call and, later, just tell them you weren’t home. If they’re calling your cellphone, they’ll always expect immediate attention.

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Less embarrassing calls

Change your contact info on all your bills to include your landline. Next time you get caught up in fantasy football and forget to pay your car insurance, the agent can reach you at home instead of on your coffee date.

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You might actually be able to focus on a conversation

You won’t be distracted by Fruit Ninja because landlines, like this one from VTech, only come with the things you really need, like caller ID. Landlines can’t make up for your general flakiness, though. Sorry.

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This post was sponsored by VTech.

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