11 Things you didn’t realize you miss about landlines

Cellphones are awesome. We get it. But, are we missing out on some key factors from back in the day when we had to stay home to use our phones? If you remember landlines, chances are you’ll remember some of their benefits.

Actually hearing the other person

Did anyone even say “Can you hear me now?” before the invention of cell phones?

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You’ll never leave your home phone in the bar

Fight Club

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… or have someone steal it

I will mess you up

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Your landline doesn’t overheat

After a long conversation, cell phones feel like they’re microwaving your brain. Landlines just give you a little bit of ear sweat.

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You can’t drain the battery by taking selfies or playing Candy Crush

Always remember to shut down your camera, guys. Always.

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When you drop it, it won’t cost you $600 to replace

And you know you’re going to drop it. This phone from VTech only costs $23 and it probably won’t even break if you drop it.

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There aren’t constantly new updates to install

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It was so much more satisfying to hang up on someone

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There’s no more cord to twirl around your finger while talking to boys

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You couldn’t get distracted in the midst of something else

Mama June

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Never running out of battery

OK. That still happened. But, you usually had a backup receiver you could switch to mid-convo.

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This post was sponsored by VTech.

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