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Is Instagram’s policy on showing nipples sexist?

Listen, Chelsea Handler’s recent Instagram pic featuring her bare tatas — which are fabulous, BTW — was probably intended more as a publicity stunt than substantive feminist commentary.

But when Instagram made the completely tone-deaf decision to censor the image from Handler’s account, it hit a nerve with ladies everywhere.

chelsea handler instagram

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From breastfeeding to social media, society worships at the altar of cleavage, but as soon as those little brown nips make an appearance, everyone starts clutching their collective pearls. Double standard much?

Rhianna quit Instagram altogether, disgusted with the image and video sharing platform’s constant censorship of her wildly popular, and racy, images.

Dudes, on the other hand, are perfectly free to oil up, take off their shirt and sex it up for their Instagram followings at will. Here are some hot and heavy man nipple pics that are way sexier than a comedian topless on horseback making fun of Putin.

Ryan Lochte nipples

Since he’s dumb as a box of rocks, one would have to assume Olympian Ryan Lochte’s Instagram followers aren’t looking for investment advice. No, they want shirt off and package highlighted just like this Instagram which was A-OK with the powers that be over there.

Instagram is a nip Belieber

Isn’t this kid still underage?

Tom Daley nip and package wetness

As an added bonus, Instagram allows us to gaze not only at Tom Daley’s wet nipples, but a drenched package as well.

Tyson Beckford nipples can light a fire in your pants

And just in case there’s any question that Tyson is ready to get sexy, he poses shirtless in front of a nudie bar. That’s probably a little sexier than Chelsea Handler topless on horseback.

Usher nipples on full display

In this Instagram shot Usher puts his super erect nips center frame. This one makes me a little uncomfortable.

Ricky Martin knows what his fans want, shirtless pics!

Ricky Martin has been a juicy piece of man meat since the ’90s, so he knows exactly how to shake his bon bon, and his nekkid nipples for his Instagram faithful.

Joe Manganiello

Bona fide bohunk Joe Manganiello uses his Instagram to keep us all up to date on his latest workout results. Nips everywhere, people.

After checking out a few of the hot sex-drenched posts with men’s nipples on full display, it’s hard to see why Instagram would deny us content from the likes of of funny lady Handler and Rhianna, everyone’s favorite bad girl. Pull it together Instagram and stop trying to censor our lady parts. Everyone’s nipples deserve equal treatment and respect.

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