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BlogHer to become part of the SheKnows Media brand

When I joined SheKnows in June as Editor-in-Chief there were some very big draws to becoming part of this family.

I joined because I saw a company that had a vision; one that covered topics I truly cared about, and one that was willing to further a conversation in ways others maybe wouldn’t be willing to do. I saw a place with leaders who knew they had a business to run but also truly cared about their audience and about how we could best provide those women with a great experience. SheKnows is a place that not only talks about empowering women online and off, but strives to make it happen. And over the last five months I’ve been proud to help, and watch, as our Experts Among Us program flourished, our Hatch program took flight, and with our great team of contributors our content became even more on-point.

In August, SheKnows Media acquired StyleCaster, adding an amazing group of talented women and men producing quality fashion and beauty content and, today, it was announced that BlogHer has joined our family as well. Oh, the places we will go …

Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and the rest of the BlogHer team are quite simply a powerhouse. Anyone you speak to in the digital space has not only heard of them but may have written for them, and has most likely attended one of their many conferences. They produce a wide range of diverse content, and like us, their approach is authentic and engaging. Philippe Guelton, my boss and CEO of SheKnows Media, said recently that “BlogHer is a true pioneer in the content-creation world” and that “bringing BlogHer into the fold accelerates our mission of empowering a community of women to explore and pursue their passions.” This move will make SheKnows Media larger than the current number-one women’s lifestyle media brand, with a reach of more than 75 million unique visitors a month (comScore, Multiplatform Lifestyles Rankings September 2014).

In the ways that we both do, we will continue to create content made by, and for, our audiences, and as a team we will grow this amazing platform where, every day, women inspire women. Together, the possibilities for what we can create are endless.

Our first joint event will be to co-produce BlogHer ’15 in New York City this July. We’ve already started the countdown and hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us!

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