Hilarious parody video shakes some sense into men about catcalls

Shoshana B. Roberts filmed herself walking in NYC for over 10 hours, and the catcalls and street harassment she was subjected to didn’t surprise a lot of us women. But what this man, who did the same experiment, deals with might shock you. Or at least amuse you.

Leave it to our friends at Funny or Die to take a serious subject like street harassment and totally charm us all at how keen their observations are when they made a parody video to show us what a white dude walking down the streets of NYC would encounter.

I think we all know how tiring and annoying and invasive street harassment is, and I love how they tackled this subject in such a cute way to show their support by reminding us that white male privilege is an actual thing. I mean sure, dudes probably don’t get offered Starbucks gift cards for no reason, but they don’t have to feel threatened and violated just by walking down the street. Well played, Funny or Die. Now go make a donation to Hollaback!

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