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7 Lingerie models who are rocking body diversity

It’s hard to find the right words to describe these models. Are they “real women?” Sure, but all women are “real” so that’s sort of a disservice to women everywhere.

Do they look different than “typical models?” OK, but now we’re assuming there’s something wrong with not looking like a model, or that they somehow don’t belong up there on that catwalk.

Body image talk is funny that way.

Let’s just say these women look like your friends, your sisters, your coworkers or the barista at Starbucks, women whose job isn’t to be pretty or skinny, but they are anyways, and they have pleasant bodies, and they are naked sometimes, as we all are.

These particular women worked the runway at New York’s Lingerie Fashion Week, which, if you didn’t know, is a pretty cool event that showcases all manner of unmentionables, from top designers to up-and-coming indie undies.

They also showcased some rad body diversity, which is something we all can get behind. These women are not out of place, nor would we call them “regular.” They are not better or worse than other women. They’re women of different colors, shapes, sizes (and gestations!) in underwear at a fashion show. That’s it. And honestly, it’s pretty dang nice to see, isn’t it?

For more info on Lingerie Fashion week, visit their Facebook page or website.

Secrets in Lace Blue

Lingerie Fashion Week Model

Photo Credit: Lingerie Fashion Week

Affinitas and Parfait Model

Photo Credit: Lingerie Fashion Week

You Lingerie Pregnant Model

Lingerie Fashion Week Model 2

Photo Credit: Lingerie Fashion Week

Lingerie Fashion Week Model 3

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