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Social media star pulls prank on a plane — funny or no?

We may be showing our age here, but what makes someone think it’s a good idea to pull a prank on an airplane?

No one is sure whether meteorically popular Vine/Snapchat star Jerome Jarre got arrested after taking a flight to Miami last night, but from his accounts, you would think that to be true.

Jarre rose to fame as a Vine prankster and has 7.5 million followers on the platform. And honestly, a lot of his stuff is pretty clever. This in particular probably wasn’t, though.

While on a flight from Mexico to Miami yesterday, he started tweeting that he had tried to film footage for a prank that entailed him walking out of the in-flight restroom wearing a Speedo and carrying an inflatable duck (he says duck, we say turtle?). He was probably trying to re-create this Vine.

Obviously that’s cool, because we all know there is no higher form of comedy than acting a fool on a highly controlled, pressurized tube hurtling through the atmosphere while 200 other people are trying to catch a Xanax nap.

According to his tweets, the crew thought that was hilarious. Perhaps flight attendants are really into Vine. Except for one killjoy, who said he was calling the police and they would be waiting for him when the flight touched down in Miami. What an old nerd!

Jarre supplied a hashtag for his followers, and it didn’t take long for #AmericanAirlinesCHILLOUT to start trending on Twitter.

Bless the poor soul behind the AA Twitter account.

Anyway, he then tweeted that the police were present when he got off the flight, and then three hours later, victory:

The only problem is that there is no record of his arrest or any police presence. So in reality, Jarre fans, you may have been the subject of this prank. However, Jarre did have the cojones to call American Airlines out on Twitter, mentioning the “police they called,” so he wouldn’t make that up… right? Right!

But even if he was arrested, or detained, or even questioned or whatever, are we really cool with asking American Airlines to “chill out”? If you were on a flight and some rando started roaming around in a Speedo with a pool toy, wouldn’t you be at least a little uncomfortable?

Passenger: “Hey, air police, there seems to be a kid wandering around basically naked with a plastic duck. Could someone maybe make sure this isn’t a situation?”

Air police: “Yeah no, it’s cool. He’s a star on Vine.”

That is not how this would play out.

Maybe we’re old fuddy-duddies, but it’s one thing to be weird on land, but on a plane, it’s pretty much general wisdom that you should just sit down, be quiet and let the Xanax carry you into the clouds.

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