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Army vet stopped by cops makes emotional speech at gunpoint

This is America. This is not a police state.

That’s what Army veteran Alejandro Natividad shouted at two Sheriff’s Deputies with their guns trained on him. He hadn’t committed a crime, he was just out with a friend.

A shocking new video has surfaced on YouTube showing exactly how mundane law violations, and even mistaken identities can quickly escalate into something more deadly. The video doesn’t show what precipitated the police stop in La Quinta, California, but in an interview with Free Thought Project, Natividad says he was with a friend who started acting erratically, which drew the attention of police passing by. Certainly nothing in the description provided by Natividad or the video shows the officer being threatened. In fact, both men repeat they have no weapons and are not a threat in any way to the police. Nonetheless, officers draw their weapons on the two unarmed men.
“I’ve done nothing wrong, there’s no reason why a gun should be pointed at me,” you hear the man behind the video screaming emotionally at the officers ready to shoot. “I’m an Army veteran, I’ve done nothing wrong and I’m afraid for my life.”

He has good reason to be afraid for his life. Although there isn’t reliable data kept on exactly how many people police officers shoot and kill each year, recent police shootings across the country have sparked outrage and a more intense examination of why officers are drawing their weapons, even when non-violent offenses are being investigated.

“I’m not a threat to you, I’m crying to you right now,” he shouts.

Natividad says he was eventually threatened with a taser and night stick and was taken in the back of a cruiser to the police station where he was later released. His friend was booked on a marijuana charge and also released.

So what do you think? Were the cops out of line or just doing their jobs? Are you afraid of being stopped by law enforcement?

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