Nightmarishly offensive Halloween costumes

It’s hard to believe people are really this gross. Here are some of the worst, most offensive Halloween costumes of 2014 so far.

Sexy Ebola containment suit

sexy ebola containment suit

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Because nothing says “trick or treat” like pretending you’ve been exposed to a deadly plague. Too soon, people. And why does it need to be sexy?

Ray Rice

Is it the black face that’s most offensive or that they’re mocking a horrifying domestic violence incident? These people really are just awful at Halloween.

Isis terrorist

Isis terrorist

Photo credit: eBay

I nominate this guy to be the first “boots on the ground” in Syria. Who’s with me? The costume was for sale on eBay for $100, but sadly, it’s no longer available. It even included an RPG to complete the international terrorist look.

Walmart’s “Fat Girl” costumes

Wal Mart fat girl costume

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It’s since been edited, but up until this afternoon was advertising their plus-sized women’s costumes as “Fat Girl” costumes. Stay classy.

The shocker

The shocker

Photo credit: Fantasy Toyland

The hand signal, known by frat bros everywhere are “the shocker” is such an inappropriate Halloween costume on so many levels it’s difficult to fully unpack it all here. If you’re not familiar, the “shocker” is the international symbol for a particular intimate act that women pretty much universally agree is all kinds of wrong. For more detail, you can consult the Urban Dictionary entry on the subject.

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