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Best collaboration ever: MAC teams up with Nasty Gal


Whether you want to refresh or completely refine your look, MAC and Nasty Gal are where it’s at this fall. Their new partnership has officially sealed the deal for us: We wanna be Nasty Gals.

Not sure what Nasty Gal is? Girl, you’re missing out. is the best place to find fashion for the fierce female. Whether you’re going out and hitting the city or looking for the perfect, not-so-motherly wrap dress to wear to a work lunch, Nasty Gal is dishing out delectable looks for girls who are over Forever 21, too bold to be contained at Anthropologie and not quite ready to be reined in at The Limited.

And in case you’re expecting fairytale pastels and cartoonish brights from the brand’s MAC collection, don’t. The Nasty Gal line of lipstick and nail polish, designed in collaboration with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso,  is an intense collection of power shades. It seems appropriate since Amoruso considers herself the ultimate #GirlBoss.

This new line of shades will help emphasize and intensify your own know-it-all smirk and boardroom fierceness. So go ahead and drum those claws on your desk, lady. It’s time to show ’em what you’re made of by showing off how good you look in the Nasty Gal line.

Nasty Gal collection

Lipsticks ($16)

  • Stunner (true red, matte)
  • Runner (burgundy, matte)
  • Gunner (rich purple, matte)

Studio Nail Lacquer ($12)

  • Flaming Rose (true red, creme)

With fall in full swing, there’s no better time to update your look with these cool shades. The sky is darker, you probably just deepened your hair from platinum to caramel, and you’re slowly replacing your neon tanks with jewel-toned sweaters. In other words, it’s time to unleash your dark, cool insides on the world by starting with the fiercest look possible.

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