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3 DIY headbands you can make from old T-shirts

Sailor’s knot T-shirt headband

This last one looks a little more complicated, but it’s actually a super-simple knot called a sailor’s knot. I used a men’s striped T-shirt for a slightly nautical flair.

Sailor's knot T-shirt headband

Step 1:

Cut either 2 or 4 strips depending on how thick you want your knot. I doubled my strips for a nice chunky look.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: Step 1

Step 2:

Pull hard on the strips to turn your fabric into “yarn.”

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: Step 2

Step 3:

Now make your sailor’s knot. Follow this diagram starting from the top left.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: Step 3

How to tie a sailor’s knot: 

1. Make a loop with 1 strip and then lay the second strip like a smiley face on top.

2. Put the right end of the smiley under the leg of the loop.

3. Take the left side of the smiley and cross it under the top loop.

4. Take the right side of the smiley and loop it under just the bottom yarn under the top loop.

5. Now pull all 4 strands at the same time to tighten your sailor’s knot.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: How to tie a sailors knot

Step 4:

Check the fit, then trim the ends to the correct length and fold them over a ponytail elastic.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: Step 4

Step 5:

Sew them by hand or machine to secure.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband: Step 5

This pretty little sailor’s knot will make any hairdo look smart.

 Sailor's knot T-shirt headband

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