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3 No-sew hacks that make old sweaters into must-have accessories

We all have them hiding in the back of our closets — those old sweaters we never wear, but can’t bear to throw away. Well, here are three ideas to upcycle your old sweaters into fun fashion accessories. Best of all, they are all no-sew ideas, which means you can make them with just a pair of scissors.


  • Old sweaters
  • Scissors


DIY sweater leg warmers

Leg warmers are perfect to wear with leggings and for lounging around the house. And an old sweater is the perfect material for them. With just a few snips you can turn your old sweater into some cozy leg warmers for the winter season.

Step 1: Preparation

Lay your sweater on a flat surface and make sure all the seams are lined up.

Step 2: Make your cuts

Snip the arms off your sweater just after the seam.

Step 3: Finish the ends

Give the end where you cut a few stretches, this should cause the sweater to roll back on itself and create a rolled seam.

Step 4: Wear them

Rock your new sweater leg warmers.

DIY sweater circle scarf

Now that you’ve made those cute leg warmers, don’t just toss the rest of that sweater. With the remaining body of the sweater you can make a cute circle scarf that doubles as a snood on those extra cold days.

Step 1: Make a long cut across

With the remainder of your sweater, make a long horizontal cut just under the armpits.

Step 2: Stretch

Give your sweater a stretch at the end where you cut it, and this will roll back the edge and prevent it from fraying. You might have a little bit of fraying at first, but it should stop after a wash.

Step 3: Get cozy with your new scarf

Just slip your circle scarf over your head and wear it around your neck.

DIY sweater headband

This DIY is perfect for mock-neck and collared sweaters. You can make yourself a cozy headband to keep your ears warm and your hair out of your face. Perfect for playful days in the brisk fall season.

Step 1: Prepare

Lay your sweater flat and inspect how the seams are sewn together in the neck area. You’ll want to be sure your cut includes the seam in your headband. This will give it a sturdier frame and prevent it from stretching out.

Step 2: Cut

Carefully cut along the neckline of your old sweater.

Step 3: Even it all out

Take a moment to trim all the edges to be even and remove any of the frayed bits. Your headband should include the seam around the neck.

Step 4: Try it out

Slip the headband over your head and wear it for your next outing.

This post was sponsored by Marie Callender’s Desserts.

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