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4 Adorable ways to transition summer clothes for fall

I avoid purchasing dresses for the sole reason that I wear them once, and then hang them up and forget about them. There are only so many times you can mix and match accessories to revamp a dress, right?


t Wrong. Before you go and exile all of your summer dresses and tunics to the back of your closet let me show you a few ways to refurbish your “one hit wonder”.

Look 1: Shirt style tunic to top

t  photo ScreenShot2014-10-07at23113PM_zps7dbaac75.png

t This is a super easy way to turn a shirt style tunic into just that, a shirt. Add a pair of jeans or pants, tuck in the front like you would a button down or blouse and there you have it. Mix up the accessories or keep them the same. Boyfriend jeans and flats keep this look casual but add some fitted pants and a pump and you are ready for a night out on the town.

Look 2: Short beach cover up to top

t photo Dresstotop_zps9f02a0ce.png

t Taking a beach cover up that has a simple string to cinch the waist is the easiest dress to turn into a top (add a skinny belt or string of your own if needed). Loosen the string and tie it lower towards your hips, next pull the dress up and let it fall, at this point the shirt overhang should cover or nearly cover the string or belt you are using. The look should resemble a peplum top. Alter as you see fit.

Look 3: Pencil dress to top photo ScreenShot2014-10-07at23057PM_zpsb9333de3.png

tThis is probably my favorite way to revamp a dress. So many times we buy occasion dresses that we wear once and have spent a good deal of money on. Get your money’s worth and find a pencil skirt that is either the same length or longer than the dress and layer it over top. Throw on a blazer and grab your perfect work tote to make this look office appropriate.

Look 4: Girls night out dress to top


t Want to take your fun girls night out dress to the next level? Add some white fitted jeans (that no white after Labor Day rule doesn’t apply in my books!), fold the top where a fitted top would normally hit, measure against a shirt you already own or adjust once it is on, and tuck it under all the way around.

t What are your favorite ways to wear your summer clothes in the fall?

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