18 Car hacks to get your engine running

Men may like to spiff up their engines for faster and higher-performing vehicles, but let’s be honest, we ladies just like a car that’s clean, organized and reliable. Here are 18 car hacks to keep your four-wheeled baby as pretty as the day you brought her home.

18 Car hacks to get your engine running
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diy trash can
Photo credit: Debt Free Spending

Make a DIY car trash can with this common household organization staple.

Cup holders

cup holders
Photo credit: Amazon.com

Use silicone baking cups in your cup holders as a catch-all for crumbs and dirt to avoid awkward clean ups (Amazon, $8).

DIY cup holder

diy cup holder
Photo credit: Ned Hardy

And if you don’t have a cup holder, you can always use a roll of duct tape.

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Backseat organization

backseat organizer
Photo credit: Decor-ganize Crafts

Add more backseat organization for the kids with a little help from shoe organizers.


Photo credit: Target.com

Clean your hazy and foggy headlights with a bit of toothpaste, a toothbrush and some good old-fashioned elbow grease (Target, $6).


food container
Photo credit: Lookie What I Did

Even though we all hate to admit it, sometimes the drive-thru is the only option. Keep the interior of your car clean by using this genius idea to eat and go.

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Photo credit: Creative Kristi

Q-tips, they’re not just for ears anymore. Clean out your vents with these little hygiene products using this DIY car detailing method.


car clean
Photo credit: One Good Thing by Jillee

Save money at the car wash using this DIY upholstery cleaner.

Air freshener

air freshener
Photo credit: Cayenne Room

Keep your car smelling fresh and new by making your own DIY air freshener in your favorite scent.

Dryer sheets

Photo credit: Walmart

Speaking of a fresh-smelling car, placing an open box of dryer sheets will keep your car smelling like fresh laundry, and really, what’s better (Walmart, $3)?

Frozen car locks

hand sanitizer
Photo credit: Walgreens.com

Unlock frozen car locks faster by squirting a bit of hand sanitizer on the key and lock (Walgreens, $4).


Photo credit: Infarrantly Creative

Avoid squishing your tissue box by making your very own holder using none other than a coffee cup.

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Gas cap finder

gas cap
Photo credit: Cochran’s Blog

Don’t know what side to pull up to at the gas station? Now you do.

Garage dings

garage dings
Photo credit: Cochran’s Blog

Keep your car doors safe from yourself by using a pool noodle in the garage.

Ladies car kit

ladies car kit
Photo credit: Budget Savvy Diva

Keep your lady items on hand at all times using this DIY kit.

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Hide your key

hide your key
Photo credit: Lock and Key Center

If you don’t have someone on hand to carry your extra key, you can always have it with you.

Backseat slumber

air mattress
Photo credit: Amazon.com

Whether it’s for camping or long drives, this inflatable mattress fits in the backseat of your car perfectly (Amazon, $120). But remember, everyone in the car should be buckled up for safety.

DIY seat protector

yoga mat
Photo credit: A Bird and a Bean

Use a yoga mat to make your very own DIY car seat protector with this tutorial.

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