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3 Elegant ornaments you can craft with your kids

Decorating the tree this holiday season does not have to be an activity only for the adults. Let your children get involved in decorating by creating these fun and festive ornaments that they can make all by themselves.

Elegant metallic ornament

You would never guess that this elegant ornament was created by a child. Your children can create a similar look with just a few supplies. Just pick up a shatterproof clear ornament from the craft store, craft paint in the colors of your choice and ribbon. You may need to help take the top off of the ornament, but after the top is off, let your child squirt paint into the bottom of the ornament and then swirl it around. If you want the colors to stay separate, wait until the first layer of paint is fully dried before adding a second color to the ornament. If you don’t mind your colors getting mixed together, you can add the layers of paint more quickly. Let the paint dry completely before putting the top back on. The best part about these ornaments is that in a few minutes, you can create enough ornaments to decorate your tree in whatever color scheme you choose.

Candy-filled ornament

Clear, shatterproof ornaments are a great way to let your children be creative with ornaments. These candy-filled ornaments are another fun way to personalize your tree while also getting your kids involved. You can, of course, fill a clear ornament with actual candy (or sprinkles) but I would worry about long-term storage and ants becoming an issue. However, if you search the holiday aisle at your local craft store, you will find many fun and small items that would look perfect in an ornament — like this cute faux old-fashioned candy. As soon as I saw these, I knew they would look perfect inside an ornament. I let my children put all of the pieces of candy into a shatterproof ornament and then I helped them tie a coordinating bow on the top. This can be customized to work with any tree theme or color scheme and it’s a project even the smallest of tots will love helping you with.

Button wreath ornament

This is the perfect way to put little hands and leftover buttons to use. Simply let your children string buttons onto a wire approximately 6 to 8 inches in length. When the wire is full of buttons, twist the ends together to secure and add a fun bow on top. If you have green or red buttons, you can create a more traditional button wreath ornament, but if you have multicolored buttons, you can create a fun, colorful or even a color-blocked wreath. Varying sizes, shades and colors of buttons can help to create unique and fun button wreaths to hang on your tree this year.

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