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Zombie Disney princess makeup tutorials will make your skin crawl


Halloween is a zombie-lover’s field day. It’s the one day a year that you can don layers of rotting flesh and make the doomsday preppers in your neighborhood feel all angsty. The best part about this tutorial? It’s just for the ladies.

This Halloween, I’m taking the loveliest of the Disney princesses and turning them into disease-ridden, flesh-eating, chase-you-down-the-street-with-a-pickaxe zombies. Grab your makeup brushes and let’s do this thing.

Poisoned Snow White

zombie Snow White makeup

Get the tutorial: Poisoned Snow White >>

Frostbitten Elsa

zombie elsa makeup

Get the tutorial: Frostbitten Elsa >>

Infected Tiana

princess tiana zombie makeup

Get the tutorial: Infected Tiana >>

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