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9 Flowering plants that dazzle in the winter

Gardening doesn’t have to stop just because it’s getting cold out. There are several flowering plants that show off their blooms when most plants go dormant for the winter. These tough flowering plants are cold hardy and even bloom in the snow!

If you are looking to add some year-round color to your landscape, consider planting these winter-blooming beauties. They will add a splash of color during the coldest months of the year and brighten up the most dreary winter garden.


winter flowers

Image: Cath via Flickr

Also known as the Lenten or Christmas Rose, hellebores bloom in the winter and the flowers can last up to eight weeks. The colors of these flowers are white, green, pink, purple, cream and even spotted. Hellebores are very hardy plants that like partial shade.


winter flowers

Image: Ian Shane via Flickr

This low-maintenance shrub has fragrant flowers that bloom in winter and early spring. It’s frost tolerant and prefers full sun to part shade. Daphne is a low-growing shrub that looks great as a border plant or in a rock garden.

Winter jasmine

winter flowers

Image: Bambo via Flickr

This shrub is a superstar in a winter garden. The slender, deciduous shrub is perfect for a trellis or trained to drape off a wall. The flowers are bright yellow and fragrant. Jasmine likes full sun to part shade.

Witch hazel

winter flowers witch hazel

Image: Russell McNeil via Flickr

Growing to a height of 12 feet or more, this shrub boasts showy spider-like flowers in late winter. Witch hazel makes a lovely focal piece in a woodland-themed garden. It likes full sun to part shade.

Snow drops

winter flowers

Image: John Britt via Flickr

These hardy bulbs are one of the earliest blooming flowers. They like full sun and bloom in mid to late winter. The dainty, teacup blooms look great in a meadow garden.


winter flowers

Photo by Free Photos & Art via Flickr

A popular houseplant, these tubers shine when grown outdoors. They have showy pink, purple and white flowers. Although they bloom in late fall, the flowers on cyclamen can last up to two months. They like part shade and look best when planted under trees.

Winter aconite

winter flowers

Image: Margrit via Flickr

The buttery yellow goblet-shaped flowers of the winter aconite begin in late winter. They love the moist soil found in the understory of deciduous trees. These little flowers grow in clumps and reach 2-4 inches in height.

Winter heath

winter flowers

Image: Steven Severinghaus via Flickr

This mounding, soft needle-like ground cover is smothered with dainty purple flowers in the winter. They start to bloom in December and the flower show can last until April. They like full sun and well-drained soil.


winter flowers

Photo by Michael McCarty via Flickr

A favorite flower of the South, Camellias are famous for their sturdy foliage and rose-like blooms. The flower colors range from white to lilac-rose to deep red. They start to bloom in mid-fall and last well into winter. Camellias like full sun to partial shade and require a moderate amount of water.

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