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Dear furniture stores: Your catalogs don’t look like real life

Picture this: You’re flipping through your favorite home decor catalog, and you see it — the room you want. After taking multiple trips to the store, you re-create the exact look you were aspiring to… or not. Here are five prime examples of why the catalogs don’t capture real life.

The rooms aren’t the same size

Photo credits: West Elm Tillary Collection / baddiejey0 via Instagram

Showrooms are staged to look perfect and awesome, but homes in real life come with quirky angles, ridiculous layouts and built-in features that can’t easily be changed. So while you may have fallen in love with that sofa you saw in the catalog, check the measurements. It might be too big (or too small) for your space.

It doesn’t go with what we have

Photo credits: Urban Outfitters / Mlem06 via Instagram

Naturally, if we all had infinite budgets and could buy everything we see in the store, our homes would look just as amazing as in the catalog. But in reality, our decor is pieced together bit by bit as the budget allows. This is why choosing the right items — pieces that will last and that you’ll love for a long time — is important. Additionally, having a color scheme in mind will help guide your choices as you bring in new items over time.

They don’t have children, do they?

Photo credits: Z Gallerie / Laurenmcollins_ via Instagram

Seriously, all that chrome, those sharp, pointy edges and that glass have got to go! There’s no way a room like this catalog piece would work in real life, even if you don’t have a toddler.

Who do they think we are? Martha Stewart?

Photo credits: Crate & Barrel yumcrispypata via Instagram

I can’t remember the last time I left my loafers perfectly placed at the foot of the bed and prepped a water tray for when I get thirsty. There’s only one person I know of who lives this way, and her name rhymes with Cartha Newart.

The hipster home decor essentials

We’re just not that hard to please

Photo credit: Restoration Hardware / randidawn via Instagram

It’s all overkill, don’t you think? I mean, are the people you invite into your home really going to judge you if your curtains don’t match or if you’re serving dinner on paper plates? OK, maybe some will, but what truly matters is how you feel in your home. If you feel comfortable and happy with your decor, then consider yourself right on trend.

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