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4 Unique ways to experience fall foliage in all its glory

Fall always makes me happy; what’s not to love about pumpkins, apple cider and of course fall foliage?


t Around this time of seasonal change, tourists across the U.S. drive to rustic areas and take in the vibrant red and yellow hues of the changing trees. But beyond driving, there are a few more unique ways to bond with the fall nature.

1. Amtrak fall specials

t I found two options on Amtrak to get an experience specifically catered to those in search of fall foliage. The Autumn Express is a day trip package that leaves from Philadelphia on two days in November (Nov. 8 and 9) and travels through Pennsylvania on a route that typically isn’t serviced, leading to more rare and untouched sites.

t Amtrak is also having their special dome car in service in the upstate New York area for a six-week period, which is an open glass car enabling passengers to see scenery from all angles. This is in service until Nov. 4.


Photo credit: USA Today

2. New England biking

t The various states that make up New England are great for biking. There are countless trails to follow as well as guided tours that can touch upon the history in more detail. Whichever your preference, biking is a great way to cover a lot of ground while being out in nature.

t More info:


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3. Segway tour

t Another mode of transportation is a Segway. Woodridge Segways is a company in upstate New York that takes tours off the beaten path to see not only the changing fall colors, but also lakes and wildlife.


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4. Rustic zip lining

t Warm, tropical destinations typically come to mind when I think of zip lining. However, there is an industry built around zip line tours specifically focused on seeing fall foliage from above. What better way is there to witness the change of leaves, than actually being in the trees?


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t Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Ohio was one of the first companies to start doing this in the Midwest, but there are many other options across the region as well.

t Photo credit: ELENA VALENZUELA POYATOS/Getty Images

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