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Take a look at the Poison Garden, the most dangerous garden in the world

If you’re looking for an exciting and dangerous way to spend Halloween, book a trip to Ireland’s Blarney Castle and stroll the Poison Garden. Locked behind gates that warn “These Plants Can Kill,” the garden boasts beautiful flora that you certainly don’t want to touch, smell or eat.

The Poison Garden

Photo credit: davig23 via Instagram

Blarney, these plants are deadly!

Poison Garden Warning

Photo credit: martinaostsjo via Instagram

The infamous Poison Garden is one of the spookiest features of Ireland’s Blarney Castle. Hidden behind the castle’s battlements, the garden is teeming with plants that are so gruesomely toxic that some are kept in large cages.

Caged plants can kill.

Poison Garden caged plants

Photo credit: _jaiclouds_ via Instagram

Once you enter the gates, you’ll find a collection of the world’s deadliest plants. If you live to tell your travel tale, you’ll come out far more educated on these living killers, including Wormwood, Wolfsbane, Mandrake, Ricin, Foxglove, Opium Poppy, Tobacco, Hemlock and more.

Wormwood isn’t just a worm killer.

Poison Garden Wormwood

Photo credit: med_fitz via Instagram

Mandrake — magical or deadly?

Poison Garden Mandrake

Photo credit: med_fitz via Instagram

Stay away from the highly toxic seeds of the Ricin plant.

Poison Garden Ricin

Photo credit: amz066 via Instagram

If these plants are so deadly, shouldn’t they be outlawed? The bottom line…

Poison Garden sign

Photo credit: littlegarden via Instagram

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