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5 Houses spooky enough to be in any horror movie

These eerie houses will spark your spookiest Halloween yet.

Halloween is creeping up, and that means it’s time to celebrate spooky! These five haunted-looking houses will jumpstart your Halloween thrills. Emulate their eeriness with just a few easy tricks to make your home delightful for the whole scary season!

A cabin in the woods

Photo credit: Prentiss Architects

This rustic cabin backing onto a misty, snowcapped mountain is the perfect cold-weather vacation spot. Start a fire in the fireplace, gaze out the window, and enjoy that delicious creepy feeling as you watch the fog drift across the back yard and up the creaky wooden stairs. You’re perfectly safe—just don’t recite any weird incantations that you find in the basement!

An abandoned former church

Photo credit: MH Architect

This Newport, Rhode Island condominium complex started its life as the Trinity Church Guild Hall and Parish, then was abandoned for decades under mysterious circumstances. It’s since been converted into upscale residences, but on moonlit October nights, you can practically hear the ghosts of its former occupants ringing the long-disappeared church bell.

A ghostly beachside mansion

Photo credit: Siemasko + Verbridge

Built at the turn of the century and then abandoned for fifty years, this ghostly New England mansion might have housed the widow of a sailor lost at sea. Perched on the rocky shore of a historic fishing town, the house was witness to the 1846 storm that drowned 65 of the village’s men and boys. Look closely at its glowing windows, and you can almost hear a ghostly wail in the crashing of the waves.

A lonely house in the mountains

Photo credit: Gelotte Hommas

Tucked snugly into a hillside, this home is isolated from its neighbors in every way. By day, the mountain views are spectacular. But once the sun goes down, the spectacular views are of you. In your bedroom. Sleeping. Yikes!

A Gothic fortress

Photo credit: Zivkovic Connolly Architects

Although this home was built in 2008, its looming façade and view of West Point Military Academy give it a historic weight and a scary vibe: West Point is home to a historic cemetery that houses the graves of hundreds of soldiers who fell as long ago as the American Revolutionary War. On Halloween night, it’s easy to imagine a regiment of ghosts pacing the stone steps of its tiered patio, staring out of its many windows, or floating over its carved wooden balustrades.

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