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10 Clever ways to make your luggage stand out in a crowd

I love travel, but I hate the tedium of the airport. I find flying exhilarating, but I’m not a fan of long airport security lines, flight delays and adding to my travel time because I can’t spot my little black suitcase in a crowd.

10 Clever ways to make your luggage stand out in a crowd
Image: Terese Condella/Sheknows

Everyone seems to travel with a black suitcase. I’m guilty, too. I bought my LBS (little black suitcase) on Amazon as opposed to the hot-pink model because I normally share my carry-on with my husband. And when we have to check it, we both normally bite our nails at baggage claim together, praying that our little suitcase made it through.

As Erica Ho of Map Happy points out, benefits of the little black suitcase abound, such as it’s sleek and hides scuffs. On the other hand, it’s also more likely to be picked up by other travelers on accident when confused for their own black luggage. There have been several cases of thieves who prefer to snatch inconspicuous black luggage from the airport carousel.

If you want to claim your bag fast and prevent a security breach, make sure your little black suitcase stands out.

1. Ribbon or scarf

Suitcase ribbon
Photo credit: Tech Viva

A flashy ribbon or scarf around your suitcase handle can work in a pinch, without taking away from the style of your little black bag.

2. Colorful luggage tags

Luggage tag
Photo credit: Ms. Elaineous

Show your personality and identify your LBS with your personal information at the same time.

3. Luggage belt

Luggage belt

Colorful luggage belts are dual purpose. They keep your suitcase from bursting at the seams and make it easy to identify your bag. (Lug Life, $22)

4. Stickers

Luggage stickers

The well-traveled have worn luggage covered in colorful stickers from around the world. Make it your goal to add a new sticker to your bag from each place you visit. (Etsy, $2)

5. Handle grips

Handle grip

Designed for identification and comfort, neon handle grips are impossible to miss. (The Container Store, $7)

6. Tape

washi tape
Photo credit: Washi Tape Crafts

It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done. Use classic silver duct tape or decorative washi tape to make your black bag stand out.

7. Paint

Luggage paint
Photo credit: Tracy’s Trinkets & Treasures

Channel your inner artist and paint your black suitcase if it has a hard shell. Best-case scenario: You’ll be pulled aside for compliments on your craftsmanship at airport security.

8. Sew

Button luggage
Photo credit: It’s Written on the Walls

Speaking of creativity, sew anything you can find into your suitcase — buttons, fabric or faux fur. Flat, durable flair is recommended.

9. Trade up

purple luggage

Purple is the new black. Seasoned travelers confirm that deep purple conceals dirt just as well as black and is much easier to identify. (Amazon, $125)

10. Be weird

Sandwich suitcase
Photo credit: This Is Why I’m Broke

There is a 100 percent guarantee that no one will confuse his or her luggage for your sandwich suitcase at baggage claim.

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