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9 Unique Last-Minute Gifts for Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day — the annual holiday that most of us sorta-kinda-accidentally-on-purpose overlook is right around the corner. Boss’s Day is Oct. 16 this year, and whether you’re working with the boss of your dreams or have been butting heads with upper management lately, this is a great opportunity to show your appreciation and put your best foot forward. If you’ve ever been a boss before, then you know that most bosses do a lot of hard work and get very little credit. 

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What to buy for the boss who has everything? We’ve curated a list of gifts that are sure to make your boss feel appreciated on their special day. 

The self-care oracle deck

Your busy boss probably skips out on a lot of much-needed self-care. This oracle deck from Goddess Provisions will help your boss bring a little balance to their daily routine. 

Oracle deck

Self-care oracle deck, $33 at Goddess Provisions

Amazon Echo Dot 

If your boss doesn’t have their own personal assistant, why not get them one? Amazon’s Echo dot is basically a mini-robot that can help your boss with all their daily tasks. 

Amzaon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99 at Amazon

Moisturizing face mist

Office air is the worst. It’s drying and can leave you feeling uncomfortable all day, so why not give your boss an easy way to combat this annoying problem? 

Facial mist

Hydrate and setting miracle mist, $18.99 at Kohl’s

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