28 last-minute gift ideas for Boss's Day — because we forgot too

Oct 6, 2016 at 1:57 p.m. ET
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An annual holiday that most of us sorta-kinda-accidentally-on-purpose overlook is right around the corner: Boss's Day is Oct.17 this year. Whether you're working with the boss of your dreams or have been butting heads with upper management lately, this is a great opportunity to show your appreciation and put your best foot forward. If you've ever been a boss before, then you know that most bosses do a lot of hard work and get very little credit -- because they're the boss, after all.

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What to buy for the boss who has everything? We've got our favorite "bossy" gifts broken down by boss-type categories:

The traditional boss

He or she is a traditional good and average guy. They work hard, play hard, value their employees, but know how to give constructive criticism when needed. Show them you value him or her with a good, solid gift to fit their personality type.

1. Personalized silver card holder

Personalized silver card holder
Image: Things Remembered

Every conventional boss needs a card holder that shows just how strong and sturdy he or she really is. (Things Remembered, $26)

2. Quote paperweight

Quote paperweight
Image: Uncommon Goods

If your boss is truly traditional, then it's likely he or she likes to quote a lot of famous philosophers and businesspeople. Give them a paperweight that will prove you've been listening. (Uncommon Goods, $36)

3. "World's Greatest" coffee mug

World's Greatest coffee mug
Image: Amazon

Although this gift should technically go to the true greatest boss, traditional bosses will love this timeless gift just the same. (Amazon, $11)

4. A hole-in-one

A hole in one
Image: Things Remembered

All bosses love to golf, right? Grab this personalized golf desk set, and wrap it up for the superior who loves to hit the green. (Things Remembered, $35)

5. Cuff links

Cuff links
Image: Etsy

Traditional bosses love professional dress days. Show him you do too (sometimes) with a pair of personalized cuff links. (Etsy, $18)

The quirky boss

He or she is a bit odd and perhaps seems like they've lost their marbles. Give in a bit this year, and gift something you know they'll truly get a kick out of, even if it's outside your comfort zone.

6. Mini wish dish

Mini Wish Dish
Image: Uncommon Goods

Bosses that have an eccentric side to them tend to come up with some pretty bizarre ideas to keep the team motivated. A wish dish is just what they need when looking for a crazy, outside-the-box idea for a one-on-one. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

7. A Short Guide to a Happy Life

Happy life
Image: Anthropologie

The oddball boss tends to enjoy talking deep or spiritually, so give him or her some more material with this awesome book about life. (Anthropologie, $13)

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