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9 Dogs trying way too hard to look like something they’re not

Embrace your distinctive qualities. You are unique, right? Someone might want to tell these pups that because they seem to be trying way too hard to look like something (or someone) else. Check out these cute pooches and their look-alikes. They will make you wonder if they were separated at birth.

1. I mean, how much cuddly can you handle? Either one of these two snuggle babies will keep you comforted at night.

Dog that looks like a Teddy bear

Image: Imgur

2. Wonder if this dog is a Wookiee? He could easily be a stand-in for Chewie. It’s time for your close-up, pup.

Wookie or dog?

Image: Imgur

3. This canine’s resemblance to the president of Russia is remarkable, nyet?

Dog that looks like the Russian President Putin

Image: Imgur

4. Which would you rather pick up after shower time? My vote is for the snuggly pup.

Dog that looks like a snuggly towel

Image: Imgur

5. Do you think this dog is a relic from the ice age?

Dog that looks like Ice Age character

Image: Imgur

6. Who would have thought a plate of fried chicken could look like anything other than… a plate of fried chicken?

Puppies that look like a plate of fried chicken

Image: Imgur

7. Wonder if this pooch cleans up as well as a tried-and-true mop?

A dog or a mop?

Image: Imgur

8. These cute and fluffy friends might cause a barnyard mix-up.

cut pup or barnyard animal?

Image: Imgur

9. “Call me King of the Jungle,” says who?

King of the jungle or dog park?

Image: Imgur

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