Breakfast nooks so quaint you’ll become a morning person just looking at them

If you’re missing a breakfast nook in your kitchen, then you’re missing out!


t The owners of these cozy little coffee corners can enjoy a restful morning, lounging window-side, while enjoying a steaming cup of joe and fresh scrambled eggs. A breakfast nook is a special time-out from reality, a private safe space to start your morning in peaceful grace, a sunny window seat and what’s sure to be the favorite corner of your home. In fact, I dare you to take a look at these incredibly cozy breakfast nooks and not immediately want your own.

1. Cottage nook


t Photo credit: Hometalker Mom 4 Real

t Aqua details, repurposed shutters and vintage milk bottles create just the right decor for this incredibly cute breakfast nook. Any mismatched set of chairs looks like a set, as long as they’re all painted the same color, and the variety actually creates an eclectic charm.

2. Tucked away


t Photo credit: Hometalker DesignDreams by Anne

t This beach-style breakfast nook is tucked into the corner of a joint mudroom-laundry room, where you can sit and enjoy some tea and a magazine while waiting for the spin cycle to finish. The whitewashed style of the corner creates an aura of calm and rejuvenation, and unique details make this nook look personalized and well-loved.

3. Sunny side up


t Photo credit: Hometalker Adventures in Decorating

t With glossy wood and white furniture, antique dishes, a vase full of fresh tulips and sun streaming in the arabesque curtains, this breakfast nook is the picture of an ideal morning. The mix of wood chairs, upholstered seats and the wide, glossy bench creates ample seating for group events, while the chic chandelier casts a soft glow for nighttime dining.

4. Table-side coffee corner


t Photo credit: Hometalker Town and Country Living

t The only thing better than a hot drink corner in your kitchen is a coffee corner that’s only a couple steps away from a sunny table at which you can enjoy your beverage. This cottage-style kitchen has just that, featuring a beautiful white hutch with baskets, mug hooks and some great vintage details, only a few steps from a summery white nook.

5. Farmhouse-style morning


t Photo credit: Hometalker The Shabby Creek Cottage

t A breakfast nook doesn’t need to be complicated to be a great dining area. This farmhouse-style corner has minimal detail, but adorable shabby character, with a Texas star wall hanging, glossy, dark chairs and a hand-painted cotton seed sack-inspired table.

6. Bold wake-up


t Photo credit: Hometalker Brooke Berry

t The theme of this small dining space is contrast. Bold colors, interesting modern shapes, clean lines and a chic chandelier turn this little kitchen corner into a separate space all its own. Even the decor reflects the yellow/aqua/black/white scheme, creating a breakfast nook that’s a bright and elegant setting for your morning routine.

7. Wooden and whimsical


t Photo credit: Hometalker Storywood Designs

t This Goldilocks-like kitchen nook took milk paint, wax and a little elbow grease to create, but the effort was clearly worth it. This little breakfast area seems like the ideal fairytale setting for the perfect morning around the table with the family. In a kitchen filled with warm morning sunlight, who wouldn’t want to sit around a happy table enjoying loved ones?

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tPhoto credit: Westend61/Getty Images