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Home design for the hardcore doomsday prepper in all of us

People are prepping in various ways for Armageddon, whether it’s a religious end of days, a pandemic, a solar storm, an asteroid, a nuclear war, global warming or a zombie apocalypse.

One way to prep is to make your home a fortress and safe haven from doomsday. But who’s to say prepping for humanity’s grand finale can’t also be elegant and stylish?

1. Water, water not everywhere

The water could all dry up, get poisoned or become contaminated with radioactivity. Of course, preppers will want their own naturally gathered water supply. This environmentally conscious home by Feldman Architecture, Inc. has large cisterns that capture rainwater. In this case the water is used for landscaping irrigation, but in a water emergency, well, it’s there.

2. Hey, you kids get off my grid!

It’s not outrageous that a number of sources could cause a massive electromagnetic radiation discharge upon the Earth and its interconnected power grids. Think of a giant zapping sound and worldwide power outage. Preppers might construct an outbuilding like this one that houses batteries and generators for the main structure to support off-the-grid living. It’s made of a concrete shell with steel doors and log-timber detailing. The landscaping around it gives it the look and feel of it being built right into the hillside.

3. Gimme shelter

Prepping for the perfect storm or a planetary collision wouldn’t be so bad if you had a cabin lake house complete with this shelter by RMT Architects. It’s made of real six-inch-thick stone. I can image a cozy, candlelit interior with lots of blankets. Some say it looks like a root cellar, others a bunker. What do you think?

4. Food shortage storage

When talking about gearing up for the big finish, one of the first things people think of is stockpiling food. Multiple types of disasters would cause transportation to cease and food to go undelivered. For warehousing food you need a great pantry like this one. Anyway, everyone needs nine large jars of peanut butter and six bags of Starbucks coffee squirreled away, right? Better get it before the hoarders do.

5. Guns and ammo

No proper prepper would be without an impressive set of guns. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about Chris Hemsworth’s biceps. Sigh. Of course, who wouldn’t arm themselves for an alien invasion by making sure the gun lair is fully stocked with weapons and ammo?

6. Hidden guns and ammo

Here’s another option if you prefer to have a hidden room for your stockpile of guns. A classy combo by Creative Home Engineering has an upscale bookcase that hides a secret gun closet. This way you can be sure your guns are secure in case of a burglary or an attack by robots created by artificial intelligence. This is the perfect gun vault for those who want to do a little light reading while in the presence of their assault rifles.

7. Hidden rooms in general

Not only are they great for stashing valuable possessions, they’re also great hide-outs for you. If you need a place to hide away, these hidden rooms would be amazing!

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