Get wrapped up in these DIY mummy Boo Bags

Oct 13, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. ET

When was the last time you Boo'd someone secretly? Hmm, are you familiar with Boo Bags? Allow me to explain what a Boo Bag is (as I understand it, muahahaha).

A Boo Bag is a decorated bag of candy that you leave on your neighbor's doorstep the week of Halloween. The best way to do it is to place the bag on their doorstep, ring the doorbell and then jump into some nearby bushes. Try to suppress your giggling when they answer the door.

It's like ding-dong ditching, but way better because there's a tasty surprise at the end! Sounds fun, right?

Here's how you can create a Mummy Boo Bag quickly and economically so you can have more free time to practice your quick getaway after you ring the doorbell.


  • White bag $1 (I used an 8 x 10-inch bag)
  • Black poster board $1
  • Cheese cloth $1
  • Googly eyes (pack for about $3)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Candy


1. Cut a semicircle to make the cute face.

2. Tape the googly eyes to the face, then tape the face to the bag.

Mummy will look like this (naked):

We'll keep this mummy bag rated G, so grab some clothes (cheesecloth, no you can't eat it).

3. Cut about 12 (9 x 1-1/2-inch) strips of the cloth to dress/wrap your mummy.

4. Attach a long strip of double-sided tape to each side of the white bag and stretch the cloth from one side to the other.

5. Fill the Boo Bag with lots of candy (treat) and a mischievous (trick) item(s)... I added loose plastic spiders to the Mummy Bag. You could also consider adding loose gummy worms, or gag gifts, or even toilet paper (hehehe).

I suggest that you add a gift tag as well. This way the neighbor knows the bag was left intentionally and doesn't spend 10 minutes trying to figure out who or what or why. Create a handwritten tag that simply says "You have been boo'd". Or, create one using your computer like I did below.

Lastly, get your Boo-ing sneakers on so you can drop, ring, dive, giggle then go home and pull the leaves and branches out of your hair happily knowing that you Boo'd someone you care about.

I think the Boo Bag concept is a great way to teach kids about sharing candy during Halloween, not just focusing on receiving.

Have you thought about who you want to Boo yet? Check out my other design for a Bat Boo Bag (with googly eyes and the most adorable fangs).

What are your favorite Halloween crafts?