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10 Things you never knew you could spray paint

Instead of chucking the stuff that’s gone grungy, save big bucks and do the landfill a favor by giving stuff a chic do-over with spray paint.

Here’s a roundup of some fun and different spray paint DIY projects: 


Ever see a great piece of furniture at a thrift store or on Craigslist and wish it was another color? You don’t have to kill a bunch of Naugas to update your Naugahyde chair. Yes, you can spray paint vinyl upholstery for a totally new look.

spray painted vinyl chair

Photo credit: Lettie at Living and Loving


Need a pair of turquoise peep-toe pumps to match that special outfit? Make them. Spray paint vinyl shoes any color you like. You can even add a new fabric insert for a total update and feel oh, so clever when folks tell you your matching kicks are fab.

Spray painted shoes

Photo credit: Abbie at M is for Mama


You’ve found the perfect old bike for cool vintage-style cruising, but it needs some refurbishing. Spray paint your bicycle frame for a jazzy new ride. You’ll need to take it apart, but you can take photos along the way to document how everything goes back together.

spray painted bicycle

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess


While an old appliance is not the most eco-friendly household item, if it still works efficiently you can take your fridge from fugly to fabulous with spray paint. You can go for a bright color for something fun and different.


Wait, what? I can spray paint plain white panels into a custom window treatment? Yes! You can use regular spray paint, but fabric spray works better. Tape horizontally, spray, and create wide stripes on curtains as a great way to pull a room together with color.

spray paint curtains

Photo credit: Life on Mars

Brass lamps and chandeliers

Go to the light. Thrift shops are full of interesting old brass lamps and chandeliers, but they tend to be frumpy and tarnished. Spray paint an old brass table lamp or update a dated chandelier to a bright new color, clean white or all black. It’s as easy as flipping a switch.

spray paint lamp

Photo credit: vixenMade


There’s nothing that will date your bathroom decor like an old laminate countertop. For those who are ready to tackle a bigger spray paint project, you can modernize your countertop with spray paint for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Seal and gloss with oil-based polyurethane.

Folding chairs

If your metal folding chairs are scuffed and dingy, or just rockin’ that stock blah beige, you can turn them a rainbow of colors in no time. Start with primer, then spray paint your folding chairs, pads and all.

spray paint folding chairs

Ceiling fans

Wooden blades and brass fixtures used to be the standard design for ceiling fans. You can do a fan makeover for about $25 by spray painting your ceiling fans in a number of ways. You can go with all one color, or try a metallic spray paint for the brass fixtures.

spray paint ceiling fan

Photo credit:

Outdoor fire pit

Rust happens. High Heat Rust-Oleum spray paint is perfect for outdoor patio objects like fire pits and grills, as long as you don’t paint anything you cook directly on. Refurbish your iron fire pit in a jiffy and be ready for s’mores by the weekend.

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