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Hilarious cats dressed up like superheroes

With nine lives, physical prowess and an ever-present aura of mystery, the cat is the perfect species to portray a superhero, don’t you think?


Like Spider-Man, a superhero cat can climb, run super-fast and display impressive balancing talents.

Wonder Woman

This gorgeous gal proves that Wonder Woman doesn’t need Lynda Carter’s cleavage to save the world!

Batman (a la Ben Affleck)

Ben Affleck is the next A-list star slated to play the mysterious Bruce Wayne (aka Batman). If Ben were a feline superhero, he’d probably look something like this.

Batman (pre-Affleck)

A long string of actors scored the coveted role before Ben. Adam West portrayed the caped crusader in the 1960s TV series. On the big screen, the role has been filled by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale.

Batman (as a baby)

Is this precious kitten a baby Batman or a mini Dracula? It’s a tough call.

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