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Who wore it best? Choose which weiner dog makes the best weiner

If you love Doxies — which, let’s face it, we all do — these weiner dogs dressed like weiners are sure to make your month. Or, you know, year.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/charliethedox

Not only does this black-and-tan Dachshund look dapper as a hot dog, but we imagine he’s also pretty cozy, too.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/karinaweinerqueen

Rita the Doxie looks none too impressed about being topped with condiments, but she makes an awfully cute (angry) hot dog regardless.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/ashleysjournal

Relish? Cross-stitches as sesame seeds? This is one high-class weiner hot dog.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/kourtniedanielle_

On a scale from one to Dahmer, how creepy is it if we say this precious little ginger pup looks sweet enough to eat? ‘Cause, seriously, we could gobble her up.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/jessikagunton

This dappled Dachshund likes big buns, and she cannot lie. Also on the plus side? This costume could probably double as a decent flotation device in a pinch.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/princess_lilo_weenie

Hot diggitty dog, indeed! It’s scary how adorable this itty-bitty Doxie is.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/showerchronicles

This Doxie’s hot dog costume is a tad on the large size, but perhaps that’s by design — maybe it’s going for the foot-long look.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/yummychocolatedonut

This long-haired beauty is a mustard only kind of Doxie.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/heyjudepup

Even Jude the mini dappled Doxie has to make last-minute grocery runs on Halloween, and he does his dressed as a hot dog. Betcha can’t say that for yourself.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/samcorder29

Some weiners like mustard, some prefer ketchup. To-may-to, to-mah-to, eh?

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/milothedachsund

Who can be bothered to pose for a picture when there are so many things for a weiner dressed as a weiner to do in the world?

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/bexieboo91

A Doxie dressed as a hot dog that can do tricks, too? We’ve seen some pretty magical things in our day, and this just shot to the top of that list.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/pearl_love_tara

This weiner-wearing weiner is one classy dame with her pretty pearls on.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/jarjarparron

Jarvis the Doxie is a bit on the stout side, but that doesn’t keep him from looking like a million bucks in his cocktail weenie hot dog costume.

Weiner dog

Photo credit: Instagram/dylanwylde

OK, OK. So which dog wore it best? Tell us in the comments below.

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