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13 Hilarious GIFs where pets show babies who’s the boss

New parents want their pets to get along with their kids. That doesn’t always happen. I’m sure these pets were just trying to… play?

1. Sometimes you just need to get the little thing out of the way.

2. Or out of bed — specifically, your bed.

3. And get your toy back. Sharing is not caring.

4. They need to be taken down a peg or two.

5. Or maybe three.

6. He just slid off the couch… into his face. It was an accident. It happens.

7. Teamwork is good for everyone.

8. He has something in his ear, I am sure of it.

9. One must practice ninja skills every day to stay at the top of his game.

10. Dogs learning to bake? What can be wrong with that?

11. He is going to take it and fix it for him. That has got to be it.

12. Sharing a toy. It is the dog’s turn now.

13. But babies and animals are not always at war with each other. On occasion, they decide to bond over their combined adorableness.

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