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Kangaroos engage in most righteous street fight ever (VIDEO)

If you see two people engaged in fisticuffs on the street, you call the police. But what do you do when you see two kangaroos? Clearly you film it.


Thus furthering my belief that everyone in Australia is constantly throwing shrimp on the barbie, playing with boomerangs and watching Crocodile Dundee at every opportunity, some residents from Down Under caught two kangaroos engaged in an epic battle in the middle of a suburban street. Why do I not live in Australia?

If I hadn’t watched the video easily eight times to be sure that these were not, in fact, men in costume, I would be hard-pressed to believe that this video was the real McCoy. But I know one person named McCoy, consulted with her and she was all “Becca, my last name has nothing to do with verifying whether or not anything is authentic.”

The video makes you realize why people boxing kangaroos in the ring was a thing. I mean, I’m not condoning fighting kangaroos for sport, that seems silly and needlessly reckless. But if you wanted to like, set Rocky-esque fight music to this video, I feel like everyone watching would at least laugh on the inside.

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