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Thanks, but we don’t need a video to teach us how to drink whiskey

Buzzfeed’s latest video “Women Drinking Whiskey for the First Time” delivers as advertised. It features pretty girls explaining that they don’t really drink all that much and have certainly never tried whiskey.

Photo credit: YouTube, @Buzzfeedvideo

They guzzle the Jack Daniels, it burns their throats and we’re all supposed to collectively giggle because… wait for it… girls can’t handle their manly booze.

I guess the video’s producers have never had the pleasure of attending a decent December NFL tailgate. Or any bar in Dayton, Ohio for that matter. I’m pretty sure we ladies caught the word on Jack Daniels shortly after Boardwalk Empire times.

So, thanks ever so much Buzzfeed for helping us — the chick collective — expand our palate to the drink of choice of the angriest dude at the bar. But maybe you could help us reach a little farther than for a cheap shot.

Maybe you could help us figure out how to race cars

Photo credit: YouTube, @ABC News

Or, how to throw a fastball…

Photo credit: YouTube, @The Answer 3

Or how to sell out stadiums?

Queen Bey

Photo credit:

And while you’re at it, got any tips on how to make it all the way to the Supreme Court?

Notorious RBG

Photo credit:

Or, maybe, outer space?

Outter space

Photo credit: YouTube, @psypad

So thanks, Buzzfeed, for showing all us ladies what whiskey is all about. I don’t know about you, but after all that I need a drink.

will and grace

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Buzzfeed video “Women Drinking Whiskey for the First Time”

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